Roch and Francine

Westport Ontario Cottages are owned by our family.  

Roch and Francine, and François and Allison.

Together we have created a unique stay and play in our captivating village, Westport Ontario.   

Francine Scheuermann has been a Westport resident for over 40 years.  She owned Westport’s retail store, The Brown Bear and has since gone online at www.thebrownbear.ca.  Now a life partner with Roch Laviolette, also a resident to Westport for almost 20 years.  Roch spends his retired days with new business endeavours and helping family like it’s his day job.  

François Scheuermann is Francine’s baby boy.  Raised in Westport, he grew up playing in the fields and the waters around here.   He can tell you first hand that there is a lot of great exploring to be done.

After studying abroad and becoming a Swiss trained chef, François married me, Allison, and Westport became our home.  Raising our five children here has been a huge blessing.  


Once we opened our doors at the winery we quickly realized how precious it would be to offer folks a place to stay, relax, enjoy the water, the sunsets, family time, of course our winery and really all that Westport and Area has to offer.  We know you will come back year after year as there is more to see, eat, and sense.  Westport is a real adventure, a real treasure. 


In August of 2009 we moved into our home on 14 acres on the back corner of Rebecca Lane.  Captured by the stunning sunset in the front yard we brought a glass of wine to the porch.  The panorama from there is breathtaking.


Conversation lead us to the idea that growing grapes on our south facing slope would be fun, bring residual income.  Ha, we knew nothing at the time about what our great idea would entail.  As days pressed on, one thing lead to another and doors opened for us.  Every step set before us, for us to take or for us to leave.  Our decision as a family was quite simple.

In 2011 we planted our first Chardonnay and Pinot Noir plants. The whole family and close friends were hands on.  Our Heidi doll, still in diapers at the time and barely talking is famously quoted for saying  Heres another Chadonai Papapa”.


There was more planted the next two years, as well as Vidal, bringing us to 8,800 plants in the ground by the summer of 2013.  In the fall of '14 we harvested those first year plants and in August of 2015 we opened our doors, literally our garage doors, for wine sales to begin.  

We now have full production going on and handcraft beautiful wines.  We serve wine by the glass and craft beer alongside wood fired pizza and on the weekends we offer Patagonian style grill meals over dinner hours.  We offer a full tasting flight of our wines and a metal sculpture garden has been placed throughout the property for your pleasure.  





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  • Smart TV

  • Free high-speed internet

  • Free Wifi access

  • Easy sign in

  • Kayaks available with waiver

  • On premise parking

  • Laundry facilities in village